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Summer Tour #2: Ryan J Eilbeck (Delay)

         Summer is the time to remember why you love punk rock. Not just the sound of it, the feeling too. Urgent and reckless, a moist slip from one moment to the next. In that slip, however careless it may be, a fluid feeling comes in our days, lubricated with desire. We are changing constantly, sweating out the toxins of the Summer before- heartbreak and loss. A newness ignites. Manic summer, in and out of fever, you are mine as you burn up. 
         The backyard is overgrown, my mouth tastes like DEET cause I've wiped my freshly bug-sprayed arm across my sweaty upper lip. Someone else flip the record. 
       Here are some hits. This mix includes bands Delay got to play with on our Summer 2013 tour in the UK. It passes through the house show scene in Columbus, Ohio, then on to late night dance parties with Tweens and Vacation, as well as background music blasting when I work at Used Kids Records.

                                             photo by Ryan J. Eilbeck


Vacation (Cincinnati, OH) - Free / Straight to My Head
Howl (Sheffield, England) - S.O.Y.A
DISHPIT (Minneapolis, MN) - Stealing Song
Martha (Durham, England) - Sycamore
Bloomers (London, England) - Twisted Story
The Boy Who Could Fly (Bloomington, IN) - Nothing is Mine
WEED (Vancouver, BC) - Tie to Everything You Own
Nikki & the Corvettes - Boys, Boys, Boys
Colour Me Wednesday (Uxbridge, Hillingdon, London, England) - Shut
Mission of Burma - That's How I Escaped My Certain Fate
Johnny Thunders - You Can't Put Your Arms Around a Memory
Gordan Gano's Amry (UK) - Talk
All Dogs (Columbus, OH) - Farm
Tastes Kinda Like Sad (Columbus, OH) - Doomed to be Alone
Bad Side (Philadelphia, PA) - Looking for a Bad Time?
Nightmare Boyzzz (Birmingham, AL) - My Body Breaks
Desmond Dekker - Intensified

To listen and download go to:

                                 me and my brother Austin, taken by Hilary Jones



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